Student Support

Student Support Services has an extensive team to meet the needs of your child in and out of the classroom.

  • For class related matters, please speak with your child’s teacher directly by phone or email
  • For student well-being and general enquiries, please speak with your child’s year coordinator
  • For absentees or early leavers passes, please contact Student Services on 9453 0135

Our Student Services Team includes:

Associate Principal Years 7 and 12 – Owen Martin
Associate Principal Years 8 and 9 – Chris Witt
Associate Principal Years 10 and 11 – Jane Downie

Student Services Manager Years 7 to 9 –  Kathy Wallace
Student Services Manager Years 10 to 12 – Faye Chambers

Year Coordinator Years 8 and 9 – Gail Bell
Year Coordinator Years 7 and 12 – Bel Humphreys
Year Coordinator Years 10 and 11 –Darko Todoroski

School Psychologist – Hebba Gibson
School Chaplain – Michaela Smith
Student Support Worker – Josh Johnson
Student Support Worker – Shona Simpson

Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer – Jasmin Flemming
Cultural Curriculum Coordinator – Ken McGee

If you or anyone you know required additional support, please use this Support Service List


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Absentees: 9453 0135
Enrolments: 9453 0139
Fees & Charges: 9453 0114

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