In the Science learning area students learn to investigate, understand and communicate about the physical, biological and technological world and value the processes that support life on our planet. Science helps students to become critical thinkers by encouraging them to use evidence to evaluate the use of science in society and the application of science in daily life.

Science is a dynamic, collaborative human activity that uses distinctive ways of valuing, thinking and working to understand natural phenomena. Science is based on people’s aspirations and motivations to follow their curiosity and wonder about the physical, biological and technological world.

Scientific knowledge represents the constructions made by people endeavouring to explain their observations of the world around them. Scientific explanations are built in different ways as people pursue intuitive and imaginative ideas, respond in a rational way to hunches, guesses and chance events, challenge attitudes of the time, and generate solutions to problems. As a result of these endeavours, people can use their scientific understandings with confidence in their daily lives.

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